Keeway originated in Hungary in 1999 and within a few years, has established itself as a well-known brand for its innovative design, exciting performance and competitive prices in the global market. Today, KEEWAY is a force to reckon with in the highly competitive European two-wheeler market and in a short period of time, Keeway has also established its presence in North America, South America, Asia and is now stepping into India. KEEWAY’s products represent high quality and reliable performance at a competitive price point that is successfully delighting riders in over 98 countries around the world.


Our Vision is to establish ourselves as a global brand of motorcycles with exceptional quality and design, in the hearts of our consumers. As a company with technological innovation for more than 100 years, we aspire to improve the quality of urban transport on two wheels.


Our objective is to guarantee that all of our workers, customers, and partners enjoy and share the same passion for motorcycles, while also delivering solutions for urban transportation and emphasising environmental responsibility. Also, creating an opportunity for all individuals to have equal access to a motorbike.


Our team’s global quality and professionalism always unite with continual improvement through our core values of integrity, accountability and encouraging innovation.