ZONTES flagship store uses the pure black as the keynote, which is full of mysteries and highlights the distinctive and noble personality of the ZONTES brand; the in-store location design is quite thoughtful; except the obvious exhibition space, there is a leisure chat area with a wine-rack style for customers to communicate with each other, which shows the humanized concept of the ZONTES brand.

Independently, the ZONTES brand vehicle models, parts and related cultural products are specifically operated.

The huge zontes exhibition hall is a highlight of the flagship store. The exhibition hall, the communication area and the propaganda area present the humanized pattern layout, and the whole black scenery, the high intensity light gathering is more lined with the unique style of the vehicle model; the whole woodworking material and the exquisite details treatment all reflect a desired Motorcycle brand. This brand-new vision allows people to feel the blue print style of the ZONTES global 4S image store.